Small Business Roundtable
About SBR – Small Business Roundtable
SBR with Steve Drake is a new business format hosted by author, small business entrepreneur and Coach Steve Drake.
Our SBR’s are about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and succeed.  We believe the best way to success is to learn from those who have been the most successful.
Some SBR meetings provide insightful interviews from the nation’s most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners, where they share the key factors leading to their success and the pitfalls to avoid.
SBR also profiles leading small business expertise on key issues such as financing, business plans, Internet marketing, sales and marketing, accounting, benefit plans and more.
About Small Business Roundtable
What if I told you that you could increase your probability of success by 10 times?
I am an entrepreneur like you and understand your passion to succeed.
If you can avoid the mistakes and get the best ideas, then your probability of success skyrockets overnight. 
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Advisory And Consulting Services
We provide advisory and consulting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the following areas:
Business Planning – what are the best avenues for writing your business plan.  We can also assist in writing your plan and evaluating the various business plan software.
Financing – Angel investors, venture capital and small business lending. We are connected to investor networks and provide financial consulting services.
Internet Marketing, Web Presence and Website development.  We provide consulting services on how to most effectively build your presence on the web and connect you with the leading service providers.
Connectivity - Internet, Phone, Wireless, Messaging and Networking.  Our team has a strong background in telecom, Internet connectivity and wireless.  We provide advice on services that best fits the needs of your business.
Web Hosting and Data Storage.
Sales and Marketing. Our team has decades of sales and marketing experience and provide advisory services in these areas:
o Building a sales organization.
o Channel Management Strategy and Execution.
o Sales compensation
o Motivation and Training
Mentoring and Coaching
Public Relations
Building an Advisory Board.  What types of people should you target for your advisory board?
Please contact us to find out how we can assist your small business or start-up at:
Or call 408-204-9098
Speaking Engagements
Steve Drake speaks frequently at workshops, job fairs and other business related meetings and conferences.  Please contact Steve regarding speaking inquiries at or 408-204-9098.
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Visit Our Sponsors
Small Business Roundtable partners with leading Sponsors serving Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.  Our Sponsors value message is communicated throughout our shows and on our websites.  For information email us at steve@stevecdrake.comor call 408-204-9098.
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Contact Us
Steve Drake SBR profiles leading entrepreneurs and small business owners across the nation. We welcome your inquiries and other requests for information about our show.  We also provide advisory and consulting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Please see our About Us section for more information.
Contact Info:
Steve C Drake– Director or 408-204-9098
Steve Drake is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.  Please contact us at for further information.
For Sponsorship or Advertising information please contact us at:
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The SCD Small Business Roundtable is all about building business relationships.  NOTICE that word RELATIONSHIPS.  That means more than simple handing out business cards hoping someone buys something from YOU.  It’s about asking how you can help someone build their business and by doing so, build your own.
Educating yourself and your network of business professionals is key to a powerful BRAND! Increase Business by meeting like-minded individuals from various industries who can share ideas and resources. Meet professionals and barter services, build relationships.
Relationships are more than networking, and are critical to meeting your business goals. We are focused on stimulating roundtables in progressive venues, and leveraging fun experiences to inspire dynamic approaches to growth!
Area Business Leaders
Independent Teaching & Training Professionals
Independent Sales Professionals
Authors, Speakers, and Coaches
Please answer the questions AND post a photo. That’s it. Shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes tops.
If you RSVP "Yes", please show up.
Ask, receive, and volunteer. We would especially like to hear your meetup suggestions.
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